I discovered the wonderful coffee cart when my supervisor treated us one morning. Loved it so much I used it (hired her) for my daughter's graduation celebration. There's nothing like a hot beverage in the morning or a refreshing smoothie in the afternoon.

Lynda Moore
Office Manager

Laurel Elementary School of Arts & Technology


My experience with Espresso People over the past few years has been fantastic. Beverly and her barista’s are always professional, organized, outgoing and, most importantly, on time. This is the only “coffee bar” company I use – her product is the best.

Brett Whitney, Sales Representative
Procter and Gamble


When using Espresso People for a breakfast or lunch at a physician’s office, it allowed me extra time with the providers to discuss business that I would not normally get. It’s much easier to gain insight into a provider’s prescribing habits when they have a cup of great coffee in one hand and a breakfast burrito or waffle in the other. Physicians would always say “Bev’s coffee is the best”!

Brett Whitney, Sales Representative
Procter and Gamble


The perfect addition to any function, a portable espresso bar shows you have gone the extra mile for your event. A portable espresso bar is perfect for:

Espresso people offers a variety of services, however, we are best known for our portable espresso bars. We’ll bring the atmosphere to your event.

Sales meetings: Not just “another cup of coffee”… we bring a friendly espresso bar to your sales presentation. With espresso people at your event, the room will take on the comfort and friendliness of your favorite coffee shop. It allows people to relax, mingle, and have a great coffee experience.

Employee or customer appreciation days: Who doesn’t feel special when their favorite coffee drink is brought right to them? We make everyone feel special, exactly the reason for saying thank you to your employees or customers.

Weddings: As an alternative or an addition, an espresso bar is always well received. There is no wedding too large or too small that we can’t accommodate. Indoor or outdoor, we are flexible.

Graduation parties: What high school or college student doesn’t enjoy a great coffee drink or smoothie? We will bring lasting memories to your party. Your guests will thank you and a few will even steal your idea for their own party.

Surprise birthday parties: Make it the biggest surprise ever by bringing the coffee shop to your home or office and really surprise the birthday guest. It will be talked about for years to come.

Craft fairs, sporting events: We will set up a cash bar for large functions of most any kind!

• Breakfast meetings

• Lunch or afternoon snack meetings

• Recitals

• Corporate events

• Tradeshows

• Grand openings

• Business socials

• Office parties
• Surprise birthday parties

• Bridal showers

• Weddings

• Teacher appreciation days

• Customer or employee appreciation days

• Real estate open house

• Awards banquets

• Conventions


Portable Van: Completely portable and fully self contained - runs on propane, no electricity or water needed. Bring us to your next outdoor function, we pull up, turn on and are ready to serve in 20 minutes! Visit our gallery Portable Espresso Catering

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